Path Class

class plask.geometry.Path

Sequence of objects in the geometry tree, used for resolving ambiguities.

Path is used to specify unique instance of every object in the geometry, even if this object is inserted to the geometry tree in more than one place.



Append an object/hint/subtree/path list to this path.


Method Details

Path.append(path, hints=None)
Path.append(hint, hints=None)
Path.append(subtree, hints=None)
Path.append(object, hints=None)

Append an object/hint/subtree/path list to this path.

  • object (GeometryObject) – Geometry object to append to the path. It must be an item of a container already present in it.

  • hint (PathHint) – Hint returned by a addition of an object to the container already present in the path.

  • subtree (Subtree) – Subtree to add to the path. It must somehow be connected with it.

  • path (Path) – Another path to join with the existing one. There must be some connection between the two paths.

  • hints (PathHint, optional) – Optional hints used for resolving ambiguities.